Video Tutorials

Follow along with our video walk-throughs to help get started with all things TriviaHub Live. All videos are created to be watched in less than five minutes.


TriviaHub Live Introduction

Watch this quick video to get an introduction to all TriviaHub Live has to offer and learn how through a simple 5-step process you can host your own trivia night.

How TO: Getting Started

Watch this how-to video to get a quick overview of all areas of the TriviaHub Live platform, including: games, events, locations, reports and account.

How TO: Add a Ready-To-Play Game

TriviaHub Live gives you access to hundreds of games that are ready to play. You can search by country, theme, date and length.

How TO: Create a New Game

This how to video will teach you how to create your own trivia game in TriviaHub Live. You can include rounds, questions, and track by time and difficulty.

How TO: Search Trivia Question Database

TriviaHub Live allows you to search our database of over 1 million trivia questions. You can search them by difficulty, plays, ratings and more.

How TO: PRINT Supporting Materials

TriviaHub Live has everything you need to host a successful trivia night. You can print questions, score sheets, answer sheets, host instructions, trivia rules and event posters.

How TO: Add a Location

This video describes how to add a new trivia venue location to your TriviaHub Live instance. You can track important details like address, contact information and preferences.

How TO: Create an Event

This how to video describes how to create a new trivia night event. You can include the location it will be played at, game that will be played and who will be hosting.

How TO: To Start A Show

TriviaHub Live allows you to track live shows right from your computer. You can track rounds, timers, questions and score sheets - its' never been easier.

How TO: Record Show SCores

TriviaHub Live has a built-in score sheet that allows you to track team names, game progress and track and automatically calculate scores.

How TO: End a Show

This video describes how to end a show that you have hosted, including announcing winners, prizes and closing the show.

How TO: Handle A Tie-Breaker

There are sure to be times when your shows will result in a tie. TriviaHub Live makes it easier than ever to handle these events.

How TO: Create a Leaderboard

This video describes how to generate a leaderboard. Leaderboards are a great way to attract regular trivia fanatics. You can create monthly or all-time leaderboards.

How TO: Run a Report

TriviaHub Live gives you the ability to gain deep insights into the performance of your trivia hosting business. You can run reports on games, events, locations or hosts.

How TO: Create A New User

TriviaHub Live allows you to create multiple users. As your company continues to grow, you will want to add more hosts to help you run events.

How TO: Update Your Account

This how to video describes how to update your TriviaHub Live account information including company name, email address, password, users, billing and subscription details.