Manage every aspect of your trivia business in one shared, always-on space

Are you a growing bar trivia company that is looking for a way to better manage everything it takes to run a successful business? Is trying to manage it with Google Drive, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Email starting to get messy and cumbersome? With TriviaHub Live, your quizzes, venue information, promo materials, and everything else you need to run your business is kept in one easy-to-access online hub that is available on-demand to your entire team, 24 hours a day.

Our team of dedicated Customer Support professionals are ready to share their expertise with you. You can be confident that they will listen and give recommendations to make the process of onboarding you, your data and your team to TriviaHub Live will be as seamless as possible.


Drive higher turnouts

Quickly promote your events to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with one-click sharing. Collect team contact info for email marketing. List your events in the popular trivia app, TriviaHub.

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Build faster momentum

With all of your locations, teams and scores tracked in a single database, TriviaHub Lives makes it an effortless task to automatically generate team leagues to help create repeat players faster.

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Streamline quiz creation

Use the Quiz Builder to enable your authors to write new quizzes directly in the platform. Browse a question database with over 250,000 vetted questions to get question ideas.

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Foster stronger relationships

With a customer database, you can track details and notes about all of your locations. Email promotional posters ahead of time and provide monthly performance reports.

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Host smarter events

Leverage an automated scoring system to check for repeat questions. Finish events exactly when you intend to with timers for each question and round progress indicators.

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Increase team coordination

Add logins for all of your hosts and authors to track their progress. Create an event calendar and assign hosts to all upcoming events. Coordinate details with an online team chatroom.

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Produce accurate payroll

With all team activities tracked in the system, you’ll be able to produce accurate payroll reports at the click of a button. Make sure your hosts and authors get exactly what they are owed.

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Gain valuable insights

Built-in analytics reports highlight which quizzes and hosts are performing best, and how many teams you’re drawing to each customer location. Export all data for more detailed reviews.

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TriviaHub Live has been a life-saver. It streamlines all the annoying little housekeeping tasks that used to eat up hours of my time, allowing me to focus on connecting more with clients and players, increasing our online presence, and ultimately growing the business.
— Erik, Owner of Red River Trivia

Our goal is to make it easy for you to discover and use the features that matter to you most. We offer live demos and are excited to share how TriviaHub Live can help you start focusing more time on growing your business. Go ahead and join a demo to meet with one of our experts so we can help you and your team get going.

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