Where Do I Find Hosting Instructions and Materials? 

All materials for hosting your event, including hosting instructions can be found attached to each Ready-to-Play game after you have downloaded it to your TriviaHub environment.

Simply click on the Ready-to-Play game, click Add to My Games, and then under the Actions menu on the right side of the screen you will see all support materials you need to get started. Materials included are:

  • Host instructions - This contains all of the information you need to host your first trivia night! This document outlines everything you need to do to prepare materials and host a successful night.

  • Trivia night rules - This is a document you can pass out to all of your event patrons to understand how your trivia night will be hosted.

  • Questions list - This is a list of all questions in the game that can be printed out via a PDF. This is helpful to bring a hard copy of questions to your game in case you have any technology issues with your laptop.

  • Answer sheet - This is a copy of the TriviaHub Live answer sheet that you will be able to pass out to patrons. Each printed page has two answer sheets.

  • Scoring sheet - This is a hard copy of the online scoring sheet that is available in the TriviaHub Live show tracker. It is a good idea to bring a hard copy of this in case you have any technology issues.

  • Trivia night poster - This allows you to print off a poster of your trivia night to hang around your location or other areas around the community to draw patrons out to your event.