What are Ready-to-Play Games?

Ready-to-Play games are built by TriviaHub Live and are games that are as the name suggests, are ready for you to use for a trivia night immediately. All of TriviaHub Live’s games are located under the Games tab.

From here you will be able to browse and search all of our games across several attributes, including:

  • Game name - This describes what the game is all about and whether it is a General Knowledge game or a Themed game

  • Publish date - This is the date the game was published by TriviaHub Live. We publish a new game every week.

  • Game length - This lets you know how rounds, questions and time a game will take so you can pick the right game for each location’s preferences

  • Game type - This lets you know if the game is a General Knowledge Game or a Themed game. General knowledge will have a mix of many categories of questions while Themed games will focus on just one topic, for example The Office.

  • Country - Our games are currently tailored for either the US or UK.

  • Downloads - This will give you a general sense of the popularity of each game and will allow you to understand how many other hosts have downloaded this particular game.