How is TriviaHub Live Different From Other Trivia Pack Offerings?

TriviaHub Live is the first of its kind fully online trivia management website. This means that unlike other trivia pack offerings where you get emails with attached Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, all of those things will all be available to your real-time just by logging into the TriviaHub Live website.

Beyond that, TriviaHub Live lets you perform many other tasks that are not possible with a trivia pack. Some of these things include:

  • Creating your own trivia games by searching a question database

  • Tracking your trivia locations

  • Scheduling your trivia events

  • Promoting your events to Facebook or the TriviaHub app

  • Integrating your Spotify playlists into your game rounds

  • Running your trivia events directly from your computer

  • Automatically tracking team scores and game winners

  • Running reports to see how your games and locations are performing

  • And much more!