How Do I Track Teams and Scores?

TriviaHub Live has a built in team tracker and automated scorecard. After you have finished a round, you can navigate to them both by clicking on the ‘End Round’ button. This will take you into the scorecard where you use the following options:

  • Add teams - you can type the team names into the scorecard by simply clicking the ‘Add Team’ button and then typing in the name the team gave you. Teams that have played at your previous events will automatically be selectable as you start to type. Note: if you have any teams that join late, you will not be able to add scores for them in past rounds.

  • View answers - you can click the ‘View Answers’ button above each round to bring up a pop-up with questions and answers for that entire round. This is helpful to perform your scoring at the end of each round.

  • Enter scores - you can enter the total score that each team got at the end of each round.

  • Recalculate scores - after you have entered all scores for each team, make sure to click the ‘Update Scores’ button to recalculate the current leaders in the game.

  • Move to next round - after you have added team names, entered scores and recalculated the leaders, you will be able to head to the next round by clicking on the ‘Next Round’ button.