How Do I Post My Event on Facebook and Twitter?

With TriviaHub Live, we make it easier than ever to share your event on the leading social media sites of Facebook and Twitter. When you are creating a new event you will have the option to have the event automatically shared. You will also have the option to not share when the event is created but instead share to each site individually after the event is created.

  • Automatic share - in order for the automatic share to work, you’ll need to make sure that you have linked your Twitter and Facebook accounts to TriviaHub Live. You can do this by navigating to your Account area and clicking on the left Social Media section. From here you will be able to link each account by authenticating through the pop-ups for each of them. When you choose the automatic share, TriviaHub Live will create an event on our public event calendar and then share that event to your Facebook and Twitter feeds with the location, event details and game details.

  • Individual share - if you choose to not have the system automatically post your events, you can share them individually after the event is created. You’ll see a Share area on the event that has a Facebook button and Twitter button. Clicking each of these will open a prompt that will include the link to the event and allow you to post any comments about the event.

When the event is created, it will create and entry on the TriviaHub Live event calendar found on our marketing page. This will include all of the details that you setup for the event so make sure that you populate all details including a picture that represents the event and venue.