How Do I Determine How Well My Hosts Are Doing?

TriviaHub Live is the first of-its-kind platform that allows you to gain important insights into your business. You can leverage the TriviaHub Live reporting engine to run reports across many areas of your business. One of those areas is to inspect upon how well each of your hosts is performing.

In order to run an event report you will navigate to the Reports tab on the top of your page and then choose the report that you would like to run. When you run the report you will have the option to choose the date range you would like to see. This range can be the last week, last month, last year or you can choose a custom range.

After you have generated the report you will be able to export that data into PDF, Excel or CSV by tapping the appropriate button in the right corner of the screen. This is especially important for you to further manipulate the data outside of TriviaHub Live. Our host report library currently includes:

  • Host Detail - view a list of all of the current and past hosts you have employed

  • Payroll - run a report that will let you know how many games your hosts have written and how many events they have hosted so you know what you owe them

  • Host Event History - see a list of all events hosted by a particular host

  • Performance Summary by Host- view how well each host is performing by inspecting upon what their average draw is per location