How Do I Create Leaderboards?

Leaderboards are a great way to calculate team scores over time and add an additional aspect to your trivia nights. TriviaHub Live automatically creates leaderboards for you. These leaderboards consist of monthly leaderboards and all-time leaderboards that you can configure in multiple ways.

  • Monthly - as long as you choose the same team name for teams during for each of your games, TriviaHub Live will calculate monthly winners for you across all of your locations. You can narrow your leaderboards down by location and month to determine the best way to find leaders for your environment. You can also choose how the leaderboards calculate: by total monthly score, games won, or games placed.

  • All-time - all of the features of the monthly leaderboards apply to the all-time leaderboard, it simply gives you away to track team performance over time and highlight your highest performing teams.