Can I Create My Own Games?

Yes! If you prefer to put your own unique touch on your games, you can use our Game Builder create your own games. Our Game Builder is a one-of-a-kind tool that lets you create games exactly how you want them and even gives you access to our database of over 1 million vetted trivia questions. When you create your own game, you can assemble it with the following:

  • Game details - When you create a game you can outline it with several details about it including which category it fits in and what the description of the game is.

  • Rounds and tiebreakers - You can add as many rounds to games as you want. Each game that you create will require at least one tiebreaker round to finish the game in case of a tie across teams.

  • Questions - You can add as many questions to each game round that you want. As noted, you can search across TriviaHub Live’s database of over one million trivia questions as well.

  • Timers - You can add a timer to each question so that you ensure that your game stays on track.

  • Difficulty - You can assign a difficulty to each question. If you use TriviaHub Live’s database of questions, we will automatically tell you the difficulty of the question based on hundreds of individual plays.