Create successful fundraisers that bring in cash for your cause

Trying to plan your next fundraising event? Looking to provide a value-added experience for your members? With TriviaHub Live, you can prepare your own trivia-themed fundraiser or event in just minutes!

Trivia isn’t just for restaurants and pubs, it is also a simple, low-cost way to create successful fundraisers that can bring cash for your cause. They are much easier and cheaper than auctions and raffles, and you don’t have to beg people to attend.


Create events people love

Trivia events are so much fun you won’t have to beg for attendance. People will bring their friends so they can compete together with their own trivia teams!

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Save more proceeds

The cost is lower than for auctions, raffles, and other types of fundraisers, and that can mean more money kept for your organization.

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Prepare in just minutes

Events are simple to setup. All needed handouts are provided, including instruction guides, hosting tips, answer sheets, and trivia night rules.

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Hosting the event is a breeze – so easy, you won’t even need volunteers. Pre-written trivia questions and automatic scoring means that all the hard work is done for you!

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Hold more frequent events

With fresh questions and themes, you can hold recurring trivia events to keep them coming back ready and contributing to your organization and cause.

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We decided to raise funds at our annual potluck using a trivia night. We were extremely pleased with the turnout and plan to use TriviaHub Live again!
— Kevin, Pastor at Trinity Lutheran

Get started with TriviaHub Live to see how trivia nights can help create successful fundraisers that bring in cash for your cause.

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