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What is TriviaHub Live?

TriviaHub Live is an online trivia hosting software that makes it easy for bars & clubs to host their own crowd-drawing trivia nights without having to pay a trivia company up to $250 per night. The result is increased income while keeping more of the profits to help ensure your business thrives.

With expert-written trivia quizzes, detailed hosting instructions, all player handouts and automated scoring tools, the prep work is done for you, making your trivia night almost effortless.

How It Works

Host your trivia night in just six simple steps.


STep 1

Choose a ready-to-play quiz.


Step 2

Print all included handouts.


Step 3

Promote your event to social media.


Step 4

Host the event at your venue.


Step 5

Calculate and announce winners.


Step 6

Create repeat customers.


Get started with TriviaHub Live to see how hosting your own trivia nights can start boosting your income today.

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

Q. How does my staff do the hosting ourselves?

A. Typically when bars or clubs host their own trivia, they don’t need to look any further than their own organization. Ask around to see if any of your employees might be interested in helping out. You may have a witty waiter or a hostess who loves trivia already on staff! Read our blog entry to learn more about picking a host.

Q. How long does it take to prepare for hosting a trivia night?

A. With TriviaHub Live it really can be done in just minutes. We do all the prep work for you and once you get acclimated to the platform and host your first event, it will continue to be a breeze. Read our blog entry to learn more about hosting your first trivia night.

Q. What equipment is required?

A. Hosting trivia requires very little equipment and you likely already have everything you need. A good sound system and portable laptop are all that is required. Many bars use one of their TV monitors to display questions for patrons as well.

Q. How much does TriviaHub Live cost?

A. You can get started with TriviaHub live for free - we offer a 30-day free trial. After your free trial period, TriviaHub Live is available for one low price of $99/month - that’s less then half the price of just one trivia night from those other guys.

Q. How does the free 30-day trial work?

A. We do not require a credit card. After you create a trial account, you'll get instant and unlimited access to all TriviaHub Live features for 30 days. We want you to try hosting a night before you commit to a full subscription.

Q. What happens at the end of the trial?

A. We will email you before your trial expires. When you are ready to upgrade to a paid account, just navigate to your subscription settings and enter your payment information.

Host your own trivia nights to increase income and keep more of the profits.

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