Event Promotion

A critical component of hosting any trivia night is getting the word out to help draw a crowd. With TriviaHub Live, it’s never been easier to market your events into many channels at once.


Promotional Posters

Generate posters for your upcoming events. We’ve done the design for you so you just need to pick the day and time, print, and hang.


Social Media Sharing

Post your events directly to Facebook or Twitter with just one click so you don’t have to spend your free time creating and sharing new events.


Public Event Calendar

Gain additional exposure across the internet with a public event calendar on the TriviaHub Live marketing website.


Mobile App Listing

Thousands of trivia enthusiasts get their daily trivia fix from the TriviaHub app and your events will be listed inside of it for players to find…for free!


Team Emails

Collect team contact information and send emails directly to them informing them of upcoming trivia events they are sure to enjoy.

Get started with TriviaHub Live to gain instant access to everything you need to host your trivia night.

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