Offer trivia nights to book more gigs and increase your income

Are you making the kind of money you need to pay your bills and continue growing your business? Are you looking for a way to book more gigs and bring in more money? DJs who use their skills to offer trivia nights can increase their income by $800 per week.

And now you can get started offering your own trivia nights in just minutes! With TriviaHub Live’s turn-key trivia night solution, the prep work is done for you, making your trivia night almost effortless.


Book more gigs

People who go to bars and clubs want trivia nights. Now you can charge $200 per night by drawing in patrons with the best trivia quizzes already written for you.

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Prepare in minutes

No need to spend your time becoming a trivia master, TriviaHub Live includes everything to get started hosting trivia nights including instructions, tips, answer sheets, and trivia night rules.

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Entertain your audience

Stay focused on being the entertainer you are and let our guided online scoring system help you run trivia nights with ease. Hook your laptop up to the big screen to display questions and leaders.

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Draw a crowd

Your events won’t be a success without people attending them. TriviaHub Live includes one-click sharing to social media sites so you can spread the word and draw a crowd to your new customers.

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Keep getting hired

With built-in league leaderboards, you can start to build trivia followers and create a reason for your customer’s patrons to keep coming back week after week.

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I was looking for a way to leverage my equipment during slow times. Trivia nights have been a great way for me to fill open nights and TriviaHub Live has made it so easy to prepare everything on my own.
— Josh, Owner at Dexter Media Company

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