Making Money for Your Bar By Hosting Trivia

Trivia nights provide an evening of fun and entertainment

Trivia nights are popular for good reason - they provide an evening of fun and entertainment for your bar or pub. They can help boost your attendance, especially on nights that can typically be slower.

If you own or manage a bar and want to grow your attendance on a typically slower night, hosting a trivia night is a great option.


Profit margins in restaurants can be think so increasing income on nights that can be slower is always a bonus. Many bar owners we’ve spoken with have discussed how trivia nights have significantly increased profits. They can even make slower nights like Mondays and Tuesdays busier than Fridays! Trivia nights are a great way to encourage friends to meet up on week days, unwind after a day of work and have fun with a little competition.


To start hosting your own trivia night, you’ll need some basic items, including:

  • Audio equipment (mic and speaker)

  • A host

  • Trivia questions and answers

  • Handout materials (rules, score sheets)

One thing of particular note is that when you are choose a host from your staff to run the night, you should choose a person with a knack for entertaining people. I’m sure you already have an idea of who the most personable hostess or server is - why not give them a try? If one of your staff also has a great sense of humor, that is a big plus.

Other than getting your basics together, you’ll need to make sure that you are organized. This means your host will need to get familiar with the trivia night rules, questions and answer, and the general flow of the night. They’ll also need to ensure everything is in working order prior to the start of the quiz including sound system, video system and handouts.

Making a profit with trivia nights

Trivia nights draw attendance to your bar during the week when things may be slower. Now how will this earn you more money? You’ll be gaining regular weekday customers that purchase more food and more drinks. They’ll also be staying around longer. With most trivia nights lasting about 2 hours, you’ll be sure they stay to the end! Start your trivia night and you’ll be surprised how many people start to attend! If you haven’t started your first trivia night, isn’t it time to get started?

If you need any help at all, TriviaHub Live is here to help. We have everything you need to host a successful trivia night and to get up and running in no time.