How to Build a Trivia Night Following


Every successful trivia host starts by focusing on growing a following.

Every successful trivia host start by focusing on growing a following. The best way to grow a following is to focus on advertising. Advertising is going to either make or break your trivia night success, period. So in order to get started effectively, you are going to need to learn how to be become a good promoter of your offerings. There are a couple of other strategies to help grow followings as well.

Read on to learn our top tips for how to build a solid trivia night following.

#1: Know Your Market

As with any type of marketing or advertising, you need to know who you are planning to be marketing to. Who is it that you are trying to reach? What are their demographics? Where do they live? What are their interests?

Given the venue you are hosting at, you may have a set of regulars that you know would enjoy a certain type of trivia events. If you are looking to draw a new type of crowd, you need to think about what they might like. You’ll want to make sure you figure out your target audience before you start to make any plans for promotion.

#2: ENgage Your Audience

There may be many people in your area that may not even know that they would enjoy a trivia night. One of the most important aspects of marketing is moving those people from where their mindset currently is to where you want it to be (playing trivia with you at your venue). Some things that are important to highlight as part of this are: trivia is fun, it’s entertaining, it’s social, it’s challenging, it promotes team work, it’s competitive and it provides the opportunity to win prizes.

It will be worth spending some money on advertising campaigns to help draw people into the event. Once they attend and experience your event, they will want to start coming back again week after week. You’ll want to test various channels to see what works best before you invest too much.

#3: Use the Right Channels

The first channel you’ll want to use for advertising is Facebook. If you haven’t created a business page yet, you’ll want to make sure you do. After that you’ll want to make sure you have a Twitter account. Once those are setup, you want to make sure you advertise on those channels regularly (several times per week) by posting all of your events on your pages and keep it up-to-date with pictures or a video of your last trivia night. You can even post some trivia questions to get people thinking that maybe they would enjoy themselves at the event. 

Other channels that you’ll want to make sure you explore for your location include putting posters up around the community, and advertising in your local newspaper or radio station.

#4: Deploy the Right Content

Creating a following will require the deployment of the right trivia content. Depending on the venue and the regulars you might have, creating theme games can be a great way to draw a big one-time audience. After getting people’s attention you’ll then want to make sure that you have general knowledge trivia nights that are going to help create a more consistent draw of patrons over the coming weeks.

Continuing to mix in themed trivia nights is a great way to have a surge of a specific type of patrons that you can then keep coming back with general questions.

#5: Partner

You can’t always do it on your own. Another great way to grow your audience is to partner with local businesses in the area. Connecting with them and seeing if they will let you put posters up in their shops and stores can be a great way to refer more patrons to your upcoming events and keep them coming back.

Running a great trivia night takes time and energy, but it is well worth it in the long run. Have fun with your trivia nights and keep these tips in mind as you go. For more information on how to run a great trivia night or for help with content and hosting logistics, TriviaHub Live is always here to help.