TriviaHub Live is the first-of-its-kind software solution designed specifically to host the perfect trivia night. See how easy it is to do-it-yourself with TriviaHub Live in just 5 simple steps.


Step #1: A simple start

Pick a quiz

Complete trivia quizzes are ready-to-play and built by trivia experts to strike the perfect balance between challenge and fun. You can customize any quiz to fit your exact needs.

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Step #2: Spread the word

Promote your event

Draw more attendance to your trivia night with built-in public event calendars, one-click promotion to Facebook and Twitter accounts and customized promotional posters.

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Step #3: Get ready

Print all handouts

All necessary trivia night handouts are bundled in to help ensure your success, including detailed instruction guides, hosting tips and tricks, customized player answer sheets, and trivia night rules.

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Step #4: Have some fun

Host the show

Run your entire trivia night from one location using a guided online scoring system. Hook up to the big screen and let everyone know where their teams are at with the question presentation mode.

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Step #5: Keep it up

Build a following

Wrap-up your event and start to create repeat players with automatic league leaderboards that drive competition between teams and can keep them coming back for more, week after week.

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Get started with TriviaHub Live to gain instant access to everything you need to host the perfect trivia night.

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